CRM 365 9.0 filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms)

For some reason, filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms / non-legacy JS engine) in CRM 9.0 is not implemented (yet?!). A temporary solution for on-premise version would be implementing the addCustomFilter function from the C:\Program Files\Dynamics 365\CRMWeb\_static\form\formcontrols.js library. Current implementation: addCustomFilter: function(fetchXmlFilter) { throw Error.notImplemented(‘The method or operation is not implemented.’); }, Fix: addCustomFilter: function(fetchXmlFilter) { //… Continue reading CRM 365 9.0 filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms)

Solution Component Types

Any importable CRM solution holds within the *.zip file a component named solution.xml. In order to edit this, you need a better understanding of the <RootComponent> nodes (type attribute). For a complete list of root component types, you can use the following SQL statement: SELECT AttributeValue as Type, Value as [Root Component] FROM StringMap WHERE… Continue reading Solution Component Types

9 years of Biz-Forward

We are celebrating 9 years of Biz-Forward. Thank you for supporting us and being by our side with every single post! Happy birthday, | Moving Business Forward Cornel

SchemaName JS exposer for CRM

Sometimes inspecting all the elements with Developer Tools or clicking over and over again on the CRM form, attribute by attribute can be irritating. There for, I propose the following approach to all the CRM Consultants and Developers out there who need the attributes’ schema names fast. The JS library is stand-alone and all that… Continue reading SchemaName JS exposer for CRM

Create New Entity from related entity via Ribbon – CRM 2013 & CRM 2015

The fastest way to create a new child record for the current entity using a custom ribbon button, is the following approach: Pass the following parameters to your custom javascript function called CreateNewCRMEntity (for example), as shown in the below image: The next step is to use the following code: function CreateNewCRMEntity(selectedentitytypecode, primaryentitytypecode, firstprimaritemid, PrimaryControl,… Continue reading Create New Entity from related entity via Ribbon – CRM 2013 & CRM 2015

Hide New Button on Lookups and Subgrids – CRM 2013 & 2015

Sometimes, you don’t want the New button to be available for creating new records from a lookup or subgrid’s lookup: In order to hide the standard New button on a lookup, use the following function (works on both CRM 2013 and CRM 2015): function RemoveNewButtonFromLookUp(lookupName) { if(lookupName) { var lookUpControl = Xrm.Page.getControl(lookupName); if(lookUpControl) { lookUpControl.addPreSearch(function… Continue reading Hide New Button on Lookups and Subgrids – CRM 2013 & 2015

Fixing Ajax “No Transport” error

Sometimes, making an $.ajax request to a web service might return the “No Transport” error, if the web service is hosted in a different domain. To solve this issue, you need to set the CORS support on true: $.support.cors = true; before you make the $.ajax request and the following property on the request level:… Continue reading Fixing Ajax “No Transport” error

WCF Service Bindings – web.config

When creating a web service,┬áthe following configured bindings should be taken into consideration, based on the endpoint you are using (soap,┬árest etc.), to avoid large parameter structures not being processed or timeout issues: Also, the following runtime tag should look like this: Another best practice to avoid potential “System.InvalidOperationException: The JSON request was too large… Continue reading WCF Service Bindings – web.config

Filtering Relationships in CRM (N:1 & N:N)

Hello guys, Long time no see. Hope you will find this brief post useful. To add custom filters to a N:1 relationship (lookup) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2011 and above), please read this post. To filter a N:N relationship (many to many), please read this post (for CRM 2013) or this post (for CRM 2011).… Continue reading Filtering Relationships in CRM (N:1 & N:N)