Create New Entity from related entity via Ribbon – CRM 2013 & CRM 2015

The fastest way to create a new child record for the current entity using a custom ribbon button, is the following approach:

Pass the following parameters to your custom javascript function called CreateNewCRMEntity (for example), as shown in the below image:


The next step is to use the following code:

function CreateNewCRMEntity(selectedentitytypecode, primaryentitytypecode, firstprimaritemid, PrimaryControl, SelectedControl) 
    var selectedentitytypecode = 10204; // override the passed parameter with your entity etc (object type code);
    Mscrm.GridRibbonActions.addNewFromSubGridStandard(selectedentitytypecode, primaryentitytypecode, firstprimaritemid, PrimaryControl, SelectedControl);

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