Recover CRM Encryption Symmetric Key

Sometimes, after restoring a CRM On-Premises organization (from a database backup), you end up with the Data Encryption inactive (Settings > Data Management > Data Encryption) and that might be a headache for future development on the restored organization (e.g. custom plugins), especially if the original organization Encryption Key cannot be shown as below (Show… Continue reading Recover CRM Encryption Symmetric Key

CRM 365 9.0 filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms)

For some reason, filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms / non-legacy JS engine) in CRM 9.0 is not implemented (yet?!). A temporary solution for on-premise version would be implementing the addCustomFilter function from the C:\Program Files\Dynamics 365\CRMWeb\_static\form\formcontrols.js library. Current implementation: addCustomFilter: function(fetchXmlFilter) { throw Error.notImplemented(‘The method or operation is not implemented.’); }, Fix: addCustomFilter: function(fetchXmlFilter) { //… Continue reading CRM 365 9.0 filtering subgrids (Turbo Forms)