Attribute Type differences

Because we all know that maintaining two on-premise environments (e.g. dev & production) can be a pain, sometimes checking certain entities before solution import can be a time saver! To check the data type differences between the attributes of the same entity, on two different organizations, you can use the following SQL statement: — USAGE:… Continue reading Attribute Type differences

9 years of Biz-Forward

We are celebrating 9 years of Biz-Forward. Thank you for supporting us and being by our side with every single post! Happy birthday, | Moving Business Forward Cornel

Activity typed Entity – Display in Activity Menus

Upon creating a custom entity as Activity Entity and not checking the “Display in Activity Menus” option, there is no supported way to alter this. However, here is the unsupported approach (in SQL): UPDATE Entity SET ActivityTypeMask = 1 WHERE EntityId = (SELECT EntityId FROM Entity WHERE Name = ‘custom_entity_schema_name’) After this minor adjustment, a… Continue reading Activity typed Entity – Display in Activity Menus