Attribute Type differences

Because we all know that maintaining two on-premise environments (e.g. dev & production) can be a pain, sometimes checking certain entities before solution import can be a time saver! To check the data type differences between the attributes of the same entity, on two different organizations, you can use the following SQL statement: — USAGE:… Continue reading Attribute Type differences

9 years of Biz-Forward

We are celebrating 9 years of Biz-Forward. Thank you for supporting us and being by our side with every single post! Happy birthday, | Moving Business Forward Cornel

CRM 2011 – Sharing records in IFRAME

Hello, Unfortunately, if you want to use the sharing dialog in an IFrame, you’ll receive several errors (most of them regarding _a.length object). To solve the issue, you can try the following workaround. It’s not supported, but it’s safe. Still, I recommend you backup any file before modifying it. Go to %programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_grid\cmds and… Continue reading CRM 2011 – Sharing records in IFRAME

Set CRM 2011 field requirement level in runtime

CRM 2011: // No Constraint Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“field_schema_name”).setRequiredLevel(“none”); // Business Required Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“field_schema_name”).setRequiredLevel(“required”); // Business Recommended Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“field_schema_name”).setRequiredLevel(“recommended”); CRM 4.0: // No Constraint crmForm.SetFieldReqLevel(“field_schema_name”, 0); // Business Required crmForm.SetFieldReqLevel(“field_schema_name”, 1); // Business Recommended crmForm.SetFieldReqLevel(“field_schema_name”, 2);


One of the best corporations in Romania and Eastern Europe, Novensys is the specialist that integrates intelligent solutions for information management, provided by the best technology developers worldwide. Novensys is an expert when it comes to turning raw information into intelligent information which is useful and applicable in your business – the kind of information… Continue reading Novensys

Change attachment file limit

More details about this issue can be found here: . This should work under CRM 2011 as well.