Attribute Type differences

Because we all know that maintaining two on-premise environments (e.g. dev & production) can be a pain, sometimes checking certain entities before solution import can be a time saver!

To check the data type differences between the attributes of the same entity, on two different organizations, you can use the following SQL statement:

-- EXEC CheckDiffs 'SourceOrganization_MSCRM', 'LinkedServerPath.TargetOrganization_MSCRM', 'account'
-- EXEC CheckDiffs 'SourceOrganization_MSCRM', 'LinkedServerPath.TargetOrganization_MSCRM'
-- Important: The @TargetDatabaseName parameter must be passed including the LinkedServer path as prefix (if the target database is on a different SQL Server than the source database)
-- Last parameter is optional (you can check attribute type differences on a certain entity, or the whole database)
create procedure CheckDiffs
@SourceDatabaseName nvarchar(100), @TargetDatabaseName nvarchar(100), @EntityName nvarchar(100) = NULL
	declare @sql nvarchar(max)
	SET @sql = 'SELECT srcE.Name Entity, srcA.Name Attribute, srcT.Description SourceType, trgT.Description TargetType FROM ' + @SourceDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.Attribute srcA JOIN ' + @TargetDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.Attribute trgA on srcA.Name = trgA.Name JOIN ' + @SourceDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.Entity srcE ON srcA.EntityId = srcE.EntityId JOIN ' + @TargetDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.Entity trgE ON trgA.EntityId = trgE.EntityId JOIN ' + @SourceDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.AttributeTypes srcT ON srcA.AttributeTypeId = srcT.AttributeTypeId JOIN ' + @TargetDatabaseName + '.MetadataSchema.AttributeTypes trgT ON trgA.AttributeTypeId = trgT.AttributeTypeId WHERE srcE.Name = trgE.Name and srcA.AttributeTypeId <> trgA.AttributeTypeId'

	IF 	@EntityName IS NOT NULL
		 SET @sql = @sql + ' and srcE.Name = ''' + @EntityName + ''''
	--print @sql

By running the second example of the CheckDiffs procedure, the result should be:

Entity Attribute SourceType TargetType
account new_field1 nvarchar decimal
account new_field2 decimal int
contact new_field1 nvarchar int

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