Activity typed Entity – Display in Activity Menus

Upon creating a custom entity as Activity Entity and not checking the “Display in Activity Menus” option, there is no supported way to alter this. However, here is the unsupported approach (in SQL): UPDATE Entity SET ActivityTypeMask = 1 WHERE EntityId = (SELECT EntityId FROM Entity WHERE Name = ‘custom_entity_schema_name’) After this minor adjustment, a… Continue reading Activity typed Entity – Display in Activity Menus

View all registered Plugin Steps (SQL)

To view all the registered Plugin Steps (for all the plugins) in a single query, use the following SQL statement: SELECT T.PluginAssemblyIdName AS PluginName, AS StepName, S.description AS StepDescription, AS Action, AS Entity, CASE S.Stage WHEN 20 THEN ‘PRE’ WHEN 40 THEN ‘POST’ ELSE ‘OTHER’ END AS Stage, CASE S.StateCode WHEN 0… Continue reading View all registered Plugin Steps (SQL)

Fixing Ajax “No Transport” error

Sometimes, making an $.ajax request to a web service might return the “No Transport” error, if the web service is hosted in a different domain. To solve this issue, you need to set the CORS support on true: $.support.cors = true; before you make the $.ajax request and the following property on the request level:… Continue reading Fixing Ajax “No Transport” error

WCF Service Bindings – web.config

When creating a web service,┬áthe following configured bindings should be taken into consideration, based on the endpoint you are using (soap,┬árest etc.), to avoid large parameter structures not being processed or timeout issues: Also, the following runtime tag should look like this: Another best practice to avoid potential “System.InvalidOperationException: The JSON request was too large… Continue reading WCF Service Bindings – web.config

Filtering Relationships in CRM (N:1 & N:N)

Hello guys, Long time no see. Hope you will find this brief post useful. To add custom filters to a N:1 relationship (lookup) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2011 and above), please read this post. To filter a N:N relationship (many to many), please read this post (for CRM 2013) or this post (for CRM 2011).… Continue reading Filtering Relationships in CRM (N:1 & N:N)