Generating tooltips on certain events

A tooltip is a small box of explanatory text (usually on yellow background) that appears when the mouse pointer is held over a button or other interface element.
In Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can define constraints (masks) on certain fields. It is desired that the user is well informed about the text’s format, in real time, when triggering the onmousemove event on a certain field.
In this tutorial, we show you a function that generates tooltips on CRM’s forms, triggered by mouse events, such as: onclick, ondblclick, onmouseover, onmousedown and especially, onmousemove.

The links for this tutorial are:
English version –> click here
Romanian version –> click here

Here are some prints (examples) of different types and styles of tooltips made with the function presented in this tutorial:

Example 1:
Account Entity – Account Name – onmousemove event

Example 1

Example 2:
Account Entity – Primary Contact – onmousemove event

Example 2

Example 3:
Account Entity – Body – ondblclick event

Example 3

Example 4:
Account Entity – Account Number – onmousemove event (default Windows style)

Example 4

We hope you found this solution useful 🙂 If you find, by any chance, any mistakes in the tutorial, please let us know. Thank you.


  1. It should work on 4.0 as well Joeri… Basically it’s JavaScript and DOM so it should work in the same manner in both CRM 3.0 or 4.0. Cheers

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