Microsoft CRM Google Maps integration tool

I’m proud to present a very useful tool – MSCRM Google Maps – developed by Wolter Kreun, a friend of mine, a tool that managed to bring together two strenghts: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Google Maps.
You can get a free sample from and also see the latest news about it.
The beta version of the MSCRM Google Maps is available in 5 different languages: Russian (thanks to Evgeniy Yurevich), Spanish (thanks to Geraldo Luiz Yoshizawa), French (thanks to Samy Barmada), German (thanks to Jaksch Michael) and Romanian (thanks to Cornel Croitoriu).

Here are some sample movies:

1. Showing an map from the account entity
2. Showing one or more custom entities
3. Showing alle contacts in one map

We hope you’ll find this tool useful and use the full version in your projects.


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