Coloring Activities (Tutorial)

Activities are central when working with sales in Microsoft CRM. Whether you need to contact a customer, send a quote, or run a campaign, it is all about activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Downloading and reading this tutorial you will learn, step by step, a simple interface method of coloring activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 on certain conditions.
Let’s take, for example, the Due Date until when an activity must be executed (closed) and, depending on its status, we will color it in red if it is open and overdue (the current date is greater than the due date) or in black if it is closed or open and not overdue (the due date is greater than the current date).

The links for this tutorial are:
English version –> click here
Romanian version –> click here

We hope you found this solution useful 🙂 If you find, by any chance, any mistakes in the tutorial, please let us know. Thank you.


  1. Excellent job, but I have a small problem – it’s working but only when I go to the activity. When I refresh or choose other view it’s not working.

  2. Hi K.Gorczewski,
    Please modify the both files mentioned in this tutorial, not just the homepage. You’ll find the names of the files in the tutorial. You must place the same code like explained there. If this doesn’t help for every view, u’ll have to add the Status and the Due Date columns on each and every view u want functional. For more details about the required columns on the views, read the tutorial again, Chapter 3 (Functionability)

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