MS CRM 3.0 “Expected ‘}’” and “Object expected” errors

Hello, there 🙂 Have you ever encountered this situation? You write some decent, valid JS code, throw it inside a CRM field event box, Save & Close x2, publish, test, BAM!-error? Well, provided your code is actually correct (no logical, typing or access errors), you should check the next thing. In CRM 3.0 at least… Continue reading MS CRM 3.0 “Expected ‘}’” and “Object expected” errors

WSDL Error: “Schema item ‘element’ named ‘string’ from namespace ‘’. […]”

Hey, Have you ever encountered the following error?“Schema item ‘element’ named ‘string’ from namespace ‘’. The global element ‘’ has already been declared.” That’s what I got when I update my webservice references. Totally nagging and a real pain. That error prevented me from being able to access all the custom fields I created on… Continue reading WSDL Error: “Schema item ‘element’ named ‘string’ from namespace ‘’. […]”

How to extract Email attachments IDs (CRM 3.0)

Howdy, At some point, I was requested by a manager to extend the functionality of the email entity (multiplying the number of messages sent) and I came across the attachment side. The following function is my solution to the occurring issue: // Author: Octavian Cucuta ( octavian.cucuta [ AT ] )// Release: (… Continue reading How to extract Email attachments IDs (CRM 3.0)

An easier way to hide or show a certain field in CRM

Simply use the function below: // Shows or hides a certain fieldfunction HandleField(field, display) { document.getElementById(field+”_c”).style.display = display; document.getElementById(field+”_d”).style.display = display;}/* Calling */HandleField(“fieldid”, “inline”); // show inlineHandleField(“fieldid”, “block”); // show blockHandleField(“fieldid”, “none”); // hide


Well, like I said, I’m back in business and I promise that asap I’ll post a few useful ideas. I’d like to think that 2008 will be the year of CRM in Romania and not only, as MS Dynamics CRM Titan will replace, step by step, CRM 3.0. Stay tuned… P.S. Thanks Microsoft for the… Continue reading Back…