How to extract Email attachments IDs (CRM 3.0)


At some point, I was requested by a manager to extend the functionality of the email entity (multiplying the number of messages sent) and I came across the attachment side. The following function is my solution to the occurring issue:

// Author: Octavian Cucuta ( octavian.cucuta [ AT ] )
// Release: ( 2nd of December 2009 ) for MS CRM 3.0
// * Gets the IDs of the uploaded attachments, as a string constant with IDs separated by pipes ‘|’ characters
function GetEmailAttachmentsIDs()
// Returning results as a string, but locally storing data into an array, for a more practical approach
var result = Array();
// Encasing it all within a TRY{}CATCH{} block, to prevent unwanted errors
// Get table containers
var myTables = document.getElementsByTagName(“table”);
// Since MS did not specify a unique ID or name for the table,
// checking which one has the correct ‘oname’ tag.
// Tip: on email, the table we need is the 48th
for(var i = 0; i < myTables.length; i++)
if(myTables[i].oname == “1001”)
// Get attachment IDs
var index = 0;
for(var j = 0; j < myTables[i].rows.length; j++)
result[index] = “”;
result[index++] = myTables[i].rows[j].oid;
// Cancelling the processing loop here
catch (err)
// In case something went wrong, instead of providing a partial set of attachments, return none
result = Array();

// Format output as a single string constant, separated by pipes
return result.join(‘|’);

// Usage: place this function inside the needed event code body, then use the following call
var ids = GetEmailAttachmentsIDs();


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