CRM 2011 downloads

Here is an updated list of available CRM 2011 downloads. It is good practice to have these files on a portable drive but it’s also recommended to have an updated list of download links. Server: Outlook Client: Language Pack: Email Router: Report Extension: SharePoint List: Software Development Kit:… Continue reading CRM 2011 downloads

MCC Award

Dear all, I’m glad to announce you that our staff has a new award: Microsoft Community Contributor: Thank you all for your support and encouragements.

CRM 2011 – Sharing records in IFRAME

Hello, Unfortunately, if you want to use the sharing dialog in an IFrame, you’ll receive several errors (most of them regarding _a.length object). To solve the issue, you can try the following workaround. It’s not supported, but it’s safe. Still, I recommend you backup any file before modifying it. Go to %programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_grid\cmds and… Continue reading CRM 2011 – Sharing records in IFRAME

JavaScript Serial Number Generator

To generate a random serial number, based on a given mask, you can use the following code: // Serial Number Generator // Generates a random number in a certain interval function GenerateRandomNumber(min,max) { return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max – min + 1)) + min; } // Generates a random alphanumberic character function GenerateRandomChar() { var chars… Continue reading JavaScript Serial Number Generator

Useful JavaScript functions & methods for CRM 2011 – CWS.CRM.Utils.js Library

Starting with this great article, I’ve created a JavaScript Library with several useful functions & methods for CRM 2011, such as: – CRM Service class to Create, Update, Retrieve, RetrieveMultiple, Delete records in CRM (SOAP based); – Custom Runtime Advanced Filtered Lookup support; – Set Lookup Value programmatically support – Guid Generator – CRM Form Buttons… Continue reading Useful JavaScript functions & methods for CRM 2011 – CWS.CRM.Utils.js Library

CRM 2011 – Launch a Dialog Window from JavaScript

// Launches a Dialog Popup function LaunchDialog(organizationName, dialogId, objectId) { if(organizationName != null && dialogId != null && objectId != null) { var url = “http://” + + “/” + organizationName + “/cs/dialog/rundialog.aspx?DialogId=” + dialogId + “&EntityName=task&ObjectId=” + objectId;, “AutomaticDialog”, “status=0,toolbar=0,scrollbars=0”); } } }