CWS Media for WPF

Long story short, this article teaches you how to easily implement skinning and language modules for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
To download the main xaml for WPF and the associated C# class, click here.
All the required dll files can be downloaded by clicking here.
For the required Skin Manager and Language Manager source files, click here.
For the required Skins and Languages resource files, click here.
And the last very last thing you  need for this to work, is the Transitions.cs class.
Based on all of the above, the final output should be something like this:




Also, in CWS.Controls.dll you can find a primary version of a custom configurable DateTimePicker. Good luck and have fun implementing / using this for your own projects. I’m up answering any question regarding this article.

To download the full project, click here.

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