Our crew just got bigger. Let’s welcome our newest authors. Here’s a brief description about each author.

Octavian CUCUTA – Senior Software Developer

– and a very good friend of mine. Tavi is the developer that thinks in general terms and the code he writes can serve more than just the problem it was written for. Design is also one of his skills. Tavi puts passion in every single line of code he writes, he documents his job very well and, to be honest, am glad I can collaborate with him. Let’s welcome Tavi.

Cornel CROITORIU – Senior Software Developer, MCC & Blog Founder
– My mission is simple. Here’s why I did this: “Because I strongly believe that a good business solution is a must for every business, no matter the stage. This blog will help both developers & consultants achieve their goals, making the final product exactly what the customer wanted.”

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